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Last weekend, my friend and I strolled around her neighbourhood after dinner (leaving her husband with the dishes!) to admire the almost-summer evening light.

And to see whose gardens we might copy!

Inspiration started with C’s false orange blossoms, which lushly grow to the right of her front door.

False Orange

Pretty white blossoms!

We carried on past a neighbour’s home, and as I paid compliments to his front yard, we were invited to see the back garden.  I loved it because it was small and lovely, with lots of groundcover plants, flagstones, and no lawn to tend… Ideal for a crazy-distracted-so-much-to-do girl like myself!


There's something so organic and.... British?... about flagstone paths.

Orange blooms

The neighbour told us that this plant stays in bloom all summer long. Now if I could only remember what it's called!

Hens and Chicks

A whimsical fairy crouches behind some hens and chicks, which I'm told bloom in early summer, and then act as excellent ground cover until fall.

The rest of our walk didn’t come with gardener-guides, so we just took pictures of the plants we found pretty.  (Pulling out a camera on strangers’ front yards still feels kinda stalkerish to me… Like I have to press the shutter and run, you know?)

Blue Flowers

Are these a type of clematis? They weren't on a trellis, but they seemed to be climb-y.


Fluffy white Astilbe: simply pretty!


I think this is lavender; regardless, I love it.

C and her hubby live in an older neighbourhood with wonderful, mature trees.  So do one pair of parents, whose neighbourhood was strolled through the following evening.  My street has no trees.  Yet.  At some point the city-issued stick-saplings will be strategically placed at staggered intervals on the tiny front lots, and someday- someday!- they will have solid, strong trunks.  Like this one:


A rock garden at the base of a grand old tree.

Tonight did not involve a stroll at all: 24+hours of storms just plowed through the region, and even though the destructive hail, mad winds (there was actually a tornado… F-0, granted, but a tornado nonetheless!) and torrential rains have tapered off, the sun’s not scheduled to make an appearance again until Sunday.

But plants like water, I hear.